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Namealice bright
Register Date04/02/2011
Last On04/02/2011 12:04 pm
Locationcalifornia, United States of America
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I spread my legs so you cn lick ur way up frm my knees to my inner thighs,slowly making ur way up to.

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It's me,ALICE and you've stumbled upon my little slice of my personal profile. I'm a fashion designer who just turned 23 . I dreamed to be a designer someday, very popular designer. I am wild and extraordinary and somewhat of a bitch at times I am sensitive in all the right areas as well as sexy, sweet and LOTS of fun!Im VERY orgasmic... - till my wetness dripping!I am a funny, easy going, sweet,caring, intelligent lady looking for a like minding soul.I still enjoy a good old party and "binge" drinking session followed by serious memory loss the next day but as I am getting on a bit my life is taken up more by experiencing new things ( surfing, mountain biking and wake boarding, being examples of new skills I am perfecting) and traveling with "someone" to different places. I also enjoy the home life more ( although am not quite ready for DIY stores and dinner parties talking about children ) so like a nice evening in cuddled in on the sofa with some good food a fine wine, a good film, and good man to snuggle up with.If the above sounds impressive then lets wink or poke whatever they call it these days! So would you like it if you bend me over and lick around my ankles and then make your way up to the backs of my knees circling your tongue around as I spread my legs so you can lick your way up from my knees to my inner thighs, slowly making your way up to...

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Rate Photos, Hot Girls, Cute Guys
Rate Photos, Hot Girls, Cute Guys
Rate Photos, Hot Girls, Cute Guys
Rate Photos, Hot Girls, Cute Guys